Implement Kaizen

Kaizen is a process of continuous improvement based on concrete and simple actions, which involves all the workers of a company, from managers to base workers. Innova-idea allows to start the Kaizen process in the organization .

 Adaptive design

Its fully adaptive design allows your employees to access via iOS, Android, web and tablet, in the office and also at home.

 Definition of objectives

The platform allows you to define some main objectives. Define them, share these objectives and give them visibility so that no idea escapes.

 Idea creation

From a series of defined objectives, anyone can share ideas with the rest of the organization. Each idea follows a life cycle from its creation to its implementation. Ideas can also be created anonymously.

 Collaborative mind map

Innova-Idea makes it easy to publish strategic objectives. Use your organization's intelligence to bring out new ideas, using the collaborative mind map. It will make it easier for ideas to flow and become reality.

 Voting system

The platform's voting gamification model will allow you to focus on community-supported ideas, the ones that are most valuable. This translates into less time and fewer people to manage your innovation program.


The platform incorporates a reporting system that will allow you to follow the life cycle of ideas and make better decisions about which ideas to implement to obtain maximum impact.

 Global innovation network

By activating our global Innovation Network, you will be able to visualize the successful ideas of other companies and take advantage of some of them in your organization.

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